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"Discover home decor ideas and beautiful architecture with 16 million high-resolution photos of house interiors and exteriors.

Whether you’re looking to completely renovate, simply redecorate, or browse the latest bedroom or kitchen design trends, Houzz has everything you need to improve your home. After you've found design inspiration, check out the home advice forum or read articles on everything from architecture and interior design, to bedroom design tips and living room decorating ideas. Need more hands-on advice? Search among 2.1 million professionals for architects, interior designers and more home professionals in your area by going to Find Pros. In addition, you can discover and buy everything you need for your home in the Houzz Shop, now available in the UK. Easily browse top design products, shop Houzz curated collections and experience a virtual shopping experience by using the View in My Room feature to see how products would look in your house before buying.

Get some drawing ideas or visualise products and designs in your own home with Sketch. You can use Sketch to bring your design ideas to life by annotating, drawing on and adding products to your photos, like a room designer; or as a floor plan creator to visualise your own dream home and share with a designer.

Houzz is the home design app The Independent included on its list of "50 best interiors websites", The Sunday Times labelled as the "cult American design and home renovation platform” and The Guardian proclaims is the "website that speaks the language of home improvement”.

Start using Houzz today to soak up design and architecture inspiration, ask for some home decor advice, start designing your house plans, or get shopping for some beautiful home products.

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